YES For Washing Machines and Dryers in the Bathroom + Home Tour

By showing you bathroom with laundry (washers and dryers) integrated in it, we hope to read all sorts of opinions.

In the Nordic countries it is very strange that washing machines are in the kitchen like in Spain, where until now it has become something very common in small houses or at most in kitchen galleries, along with water heaters, etc.

To Nordic has the washing machine in the kitchen not seem logical, practical, dirty or freshly washed clothes next to the oven? Nahhh … there, in the houses or part of the back door hall, where you also enter in dirty shoes or heavy winter clothes or integrated into one of the bathrooms.

If you think about it, that is the best place if there is space in the bathroom, you can take advantage of the plumbing installation, that is where we usually take off our dirty clothes and with a table, like on this Nordic floor that we teach you, it becomes good place to fold clothes, etc.

We know many of you have it renovate your bathroom, have chosen this installation and after running it, you are very happy with the practicality of having a washing machine in the bathroom, any suggestions that you want to change?