What To Expect During A Kitchen Make over

What to Expect During Kitchen Make-over

Repeating your kitchen is a large project that has many details to consider, decide upon, and monitor when they are implemented. If you have never renovated or taken on a big house project, it can be very unusual. You might be wondering how much it costs or how long? You might feel too much if you are not ready, but here are some things that are expected and prepared when you remodel your kitchen.

What to Expect During a Kitchen

1. There will be a lot of dust

Even with a zippered wall, a layer of fine dust will still form in areas far from the construction site. Some projects such as demolishing walls, removing tiles, or dismantling cabinets can produce fine dust particles that can be dangerous when inhaled. Remove everything from the kitchen area before the work begins. If you cannot remove it, cover it with plastic to prevent dust from accumulating in cracks and crevices. Insulate the kitchen area as much as possible with plastic or wall compression. Use the air handler to filter the air in the rest of the house and skip it using a furnace or air conditioner. If you have to use it, hide the warm and cold air ducts completely in the kitchen to prevent dust from entering.

2. There will be ups and downs

Whether it's destroying the walls to make the kitchen bigger or taking off the ugly vinyl floor, let yourself get excited about every step of the project. Noise, questions, and everyone who comes and goes from your home can make you tired. Renovation fatigue can affect you and the whole family. But by thinking about how beautiful your kitchen is with a new CBD Glass kitchen table, it will keep you motivated through an overhaul.

3. Will be noisy

Construction equipment can be very noisy, ranging from saws, sand scrapers to pounding nail guns. If you have children, keep them in the room farthest from the construction. You may have to move your office space if you work at home if it is close to the kitchen.

4. Be aware of the budget

As a rule of thumb, your renovation costs should be around 15 percent of the current market price of your home. However, you should expect additional costs that are not included in your budget. Labor and installation will be your main costs, but don't forget to meet other costs.

5. Hoping to have a delay

Preparing for unexpected delays can help you overcome the frustrations you might encounter when you remodel. Some delays are beyond the control of the contractor, such as running out of materials on reorder, weather delays, changes in workers, or even correcting erroneous construction. All of these things can improve the project timeline. Having a good working relationship with your contractor will help.

Once you know what to expect and have prepared for it, your kitchen remodel experience will be less extraordinary and stressful. It can even turn into a fun and enjoyable experience.

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