Vinyl Flooring – Main Advantages and Characteristics of Material

Decorating a house means thinking of all the details at the same time, from the colors in decorative objects to the way the floor is made. With that in mind, choosing the right foundation is the best way to predict how the final composition will look, especially for those who don’t have the help of an architect or interior designer.

And those who seek practicality and definite choices, cannot fail to examine their benefits vinyl flooring.

Vinyl Flooring Main Advantages and Material Characteristics

Advantages of vinyl flooring

Find out now the main advantages of this type of floor:

1. Easy and fast installation

Either clicked or glued together, the installation is carried out in 1 day, without dirt, noise, and with little material loss.

2. Agile care

It can be removed and installed again without damage or cutting. This is perfect for those who have infiltration and don’t need to break floors or also who want to change their residence, who can easily bring their vinyl to a new home.

3. Thermal comfort

They are comfortable, making the house pleasant in winter and summer. Unlike ceramic floors (porcelain tiles) which tend to make the house cool any time of the year.

4. Don’t make a fuss

Those who live in apartments know how unpleasant the noise of shoes or furniture is. Know that with this vinyl does not happen, leaving your daily life more free to move at home at will!

Vinyl Flooring Main Advantages and Material Characteristics

What are the types of vinyl flooring?

There are two types of vinyl flooring: one for residential and one for commercial. Both have a click or paste installation system. Regarding the best cost-benefit, glue is a good choice. However, greater click investment offers the advantage of removing a ruler without damaging the product.

Can it be installed in a wet area?

Unlike laminate, vinyl can be installed in a wet area. The raw material is water resistant, making it easier to clean. But nothing exaggerates and leaves the floor submerged in water, enough wet cloth to make it clean and shining.

How to take care of vinyl flooring?

Outside areas such as balconies and balconies can fade the material, especially if the floor is very light. The ideal is to have curtains that block natural lighting, curtains with a 3% solar screen are enough to protect your floor.

What is the time of installation of vinyl flooring?

Installation is fast and does not make dirt. Starting from an apartment area of ​​50 m², installation takes an average of 4 hours.

All of these qualities make it the beloved vinyl flooring of a new interior design project. However, this allows several combinations and can be used in any style environment. Check out the projects below that make vinyl the perfect place to live: