Utilizing a Natural Stone Table to Increase Curb Appeal

Natural stone countertops give a natural look that is too unique to be juxtaposed with the man-made world. No two natural stone surfaces are similar because there are no two similar plates. Some are formed in the natural environment and hence its diversity. So, if you are looking for something that can bring individuality, natural stone is the best choice for you.

There are various types of stones available on the market that can be used to make countertops. The main thing that you must remember is that each stone has characteristics and requires a different level of care. Before you choose the best table for your kitchen, you must choose one that fits your kitchen interior.

Utilizing a Natural Stone Table to Increase Curb Appeal

Types of Stone Countertops

Before you decide on a particular type of table for your kitchen, you must choose a stone and its features before installation. The natural table has an impact on the overall appearance of the space and increases the attractiveness of the sidewalk. In addition, each stone variety has strong and weak points. Some homeowners may compromise strong points because the stones have aesthetic appeal but require higher care. The key is you have to be educated with various types of stone countertops to get satisfying results in the end. This is a selection of stone countertops available for you-

1. Granite countertop

Granite countertop is one of the most common options available. In previous days, these countertops were used in high-class kitchens. However, with progress, these countertops have become affordable. Although granite is a popular choice for countertops, be aware of some of its shortcomings. Some granite varieties have calcite which is susceptible to acids. Even some granite surfaces can vary in their porous properties. Granite surface is very hard and not easily scratched with sharp edges. They are available in a variety of color choices, widely available and affordable. You can buy countertops from precision stone design, one of the leading providers of kitchen counters.

2. Marble table

Marble is another type of natural stone used to make countertops. A metamorphic rock has undergone a metamorphosis. This is mainly made with calcite. Marble can be used to make a table because it looks good. Marble countertops enhance aesthetic appeal and enhance visual characteristics. This table surface has veins not found in other varieties. However, these stones are vulnerable to damage caused by acids that are not prevented by the use of sealants.

3. Slate Countertop

Slate is another natural stone that was also formed by metamorphic rocks and was found underground as sedimentary stones. Some slate varieties are denser than others. Slate countertops are softer compared to harder stone varieties such as granite. The slate table is perfect for periodic kitchens and is perfect for an enhanced decoration style. Slate countertops have a low absorption rate compared to the same value. Slate requires sealing depending on the type of slate used and is easily scratched.

4. Soapstone Countertop

Very soft stones have a smooth texture and are warmer compared to other types of stones available on the market. The natural color of this stone is light gray and includes veins such as marble. Soapstone is very dense and does not require sealing. This stone can be easily scratched because the mineral component is powder. Among all types of natural stone available, soapstone is the most beautiful one found on the market. It is an inert stone and therefore acids and alkalis do not affect it.

5. Limestone Table

Limestone is also a sedimentary rock such as marble and made with calcite. However, it is susceptible to acids. Limestone is a porous and light colored stone. Limestone is prone to stains, so you must do sealing before using it as a table. As with marble tables, various manufacturers of limestone tables best design tables according to customer requirements.

These are the 5 types of popular natural stone table options available in the market. However, before choosing the type, here are some tips that you should always remember-

  1. Do you like “high performance” or “low maintenance” stone tables? Some natural stones require high maintenance and therefore if you have less time to maintain a table, you must choose one that requires very little maintenance. You should check the varieties that are available in the market and know its features before placing an order.
  2. What kind of environment will a stone table experience? Will the table be used at the center of food manufacturing activities or will it be exposed to oils, acids or chemicals?
  3. Do you want to get a certain kitchen look with the help of special types of natural stone? You can also choose from engineered stones, solid surfaces, and other types of table options that are worth investigating.
  4. Do you know about your local distributor of natural stone tables or do you want to buy a table from online means? The tops of marble stones have veins on surfaces that are not present on granite or slate surfaces.

After knowing the various types of countertops that are available on the market and which you decide to install in your kitchen, you must know how to maintain them. If you want to maintain its durability and appearance, you must keep the table clean for long. Marble and soft lime countertops and they require very high care. If you want to decorate your kitchen with a table, you can collect ideas and tips from online or read blogs. You should choose a table depending on interior design, wall color, and budget.

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Jasper O'Conner