The Bedroom Turns Into Modern Traditional Gems

With six weeks to the fullest change the bedroom and bathroom, according to the owner and interior designer who carried out the transformation, there was nothing wrong with his room, but challenging himself as a designer was an opportunity he didn't want to miss.

The recent room transformation is the result of serious planning and implementation. Overtime, Alisa Bovino have learned that not having a plan that is carefully considered is a waste of time, money, and energy. Now, he always tries to look at all aspects of space first, not just buying random things that please his eyes. The layout of the furniture, the direction of the sun, and the overall style as a whole are all the things he now considers before starting to shop. Although he tends to be impatient and wants to get things done quickly, he also knows to take the time and always buy intentionally, save for investment discounts instead of buying lower quality goods.

The recent transformation of the bedroom and bathroom is a true reflection of "Modern traditional" style. The bedroom was transformed from a functional but plain room into a rich and truly amazing space with the help of various types of prints, ceiling medallions and new layers of paint. Depending on the time of day, bedroom wall colors appear from blue-green to dark gray. Furniture, hardware and accessories add the perfect blend of classic and contemporary.

Follow the process Before after and be prepared to be amazed!