Take Your Bathroom To The Next Level With These Tips

Take Your Bathroom to the Next Level With These Tips

If you have lived in the same house for several years, you probably feel like you have finished decorating the bathroom. Many people stop decorating the room at a certain point, thinking that it looks 'pretty good' and does not need to be fixed. … but we believe it can look evenly distributed better! Why satisfied with the ordinary? Each room can always be changed, modified or upgraded not only for others to see, but also for your own well-being – after all, you will most often see these rooms!

Take Your Bathroom to the Next Level With These Tips

We want to focus on the bathroom, because it is often seen as a space of need rather than directed at aesthetics or comfort. After all, unless you do very different things, you might not have a dinner party in the bathroom! Usually your place in and out again in a flash. However, with the right style and decoration, the bathroom can turn into a place that you look forward to visiting and somewhere where you feel peace and satisfaction.

Think about lighting

Every bathroom mirror must be equipped with makeup lights (lights on the side and / or above), because anyone who needs to examine their faces closely for makeup, shaving, etc., requires bright, pure white lighting to ensure they are truly can see what they do! This lighting should ideally be controlled by a separate switch next to the mirror, because there will definitely be times when you don't need to see your face so bright – like when you have to visit the bathroom at 3 a.m.!

Ideally, your bathroom should be illuminated by natural lighting from the window during the day, but for dark times, you can choose soft and comfortable shades for your overhead lighting. The LED bulb from 2200 – 2700K provides warm light that makes your bathroom feel friendly and calm. A recent trend is to add a chandelier to the bathroom, which is unusual for some people, but you may only need to lend a little character to the room. Add a few candles when you take a shower or bath, and you have finished lighting that is perfect for the bathroom.

Sink faucet and shower head

A morning shower doesn't just have to be something quick to wake us up and be clean before we run to the office – it can be so much more! Bathing must feel luxurious and comfortable all the time, but it certainly won't be like that with a weak and messy shower. Discover which gives a good amount of pressure but feels soft on the skin. You can update your bathroom even more by installing a completely new shower, with hidden, open and custom made options becoming increasingly popular from 2019 onwards.

The sink faucet also cannot be underestimated. You will use a bathroom sink several times a day, so you should choose a faucet that combines a cool vintage look with a modern installation, giving you the best of both worlds. Look at fantastic sink and faucet ideas for your bathroom and don't settle for anything that can be predicted!

Hide electrical items and add some talent

For all hairdressers such as hair dryers, hair curlers, etc., make sure you put them in a decorative storage container so that your bathroom does not look messy! The same can be said with products such as hairspray, deodorant, and so on. These objects aren't exactly jewelry in your bathroom, so when they aren't used, save them!

When you want to add talent to your bathroom, a chandelier is a good start, but you can also think of switching from tiles on the floor to hardwood floors. This looks and feels much better and is a deviation from the norm. Once you add carpets, flavorful soap trays, and even new paint (soothing blue, for example), your average bathroom will turn into the bathroom of your dreams.

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