Smart and Stylish Home Devices You Must Get in 2020

Smart home devices (and technology in general) have a prominent way like a sore thumb in most households. They are designed to function more than shapes, and although they look sleek, they are not exactly art. Yes, until now

There is a whole revolution taking place in the smart home product industry. Finally, manufacturers aim to create more stylish products. This device looks like other furniture at home. Their designs focus on contemporary and modern styles. Some even really look like art!

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing, and with it comes a large number of new devices to add to smart homes. Look at some of the best smart devices that also double as aesthetically pleasing furniture.

Smart and Stylish Home Devices You Must Get in 2020

1. Hello Sense

There are many smart sleep monitoring products out there. But many of them require people to tie them to their bodies. Meanwhile, Hello Sense sat there in the room, watching.

This tiny device acts as a sleep aid, smart alarm, and sleep monitor all. It tracks temperature, humidity, air quality, and UV levels. Then it makes recommendations for a better sleep environment.

This device is also equipped with a sleep monitor mounted on a pillow. From there, he can wake someone up at an optimal time, making them feel refreshed. It also shows them how they sleep.

Hello Sense is available in black and white.

2. B&O BeoSound Shape Speakers

Speakers are usually some of the most striking items in the house because they are quite difficult to hide in plain sight. But one company has achieved this by turning it into a customizable wall art.

That BeoSound Shape Speakers take the form of hexagonal wall tiles. You can arrange it in whatever pattern you like. There are ten colors to choose from, and you can buy different colors together to create a fun design. It comes with built-in soundproofing tiles too. So people can enjoy their music without disturbing neighbors.

BeoSound Shape Speakers can connect to the internet via WiFi and ethernet. They work with B&O applications and support remote control too.

3. Smart Air Quality Monitors and Ion AirSense Cleaners

The AirSense isn't just a smart air quality monitor. This is also an adjustable speaker and ambient light.

In terms of air monitoring, this device sees dangerous poisons in the air, such as carbon monoxide and methane. This is also seen at the temperature and humidity level in the room and the sound level and sends a warning to an application. Speaking of sound, AirSense can record audio and play music from iTunes or Google Play.

If that isn't enough, this stylish product is also equipped with programmable RGB LEDs. They can display different colors in various patterns.

4. SNOO Smart Bassinet

One of the core aspirations of good design is having a form and function that fits together seamlessly. Only a few things are better than SNOO. This bassinet may come with a price tag of $ 1,295, but it is the best sleep training support. By imitating the uterus through shake and sound, the SNOO cradle calms the crying baby back to sleep.

It comes with a safe swaddling bag that prevents rolling and a monitor that warns parents if the baby needs attention. To top it all off, it has a polished contemporary style.

5. Can Simplehuman Sensor

Very few people ever think they need a smart trash can. But this one must be good. It has a built-in motion sensor that detects when someone is nearby. Then open automatically. The Can Sensor, which comes in a variety of arrangement and size options, supports voice control too.

Conclusion: IoT and Digital Security

It is unfortunate that salvation must exist where this discussion ends but safer than regret. Keep in mind that the more devices that are connected at home, more and more threats you face. They came in the form of hackers and other cyber criminals who jumped at the chance to take over this device.

You don't want to be a victim of cyberbully or the next attacker because of a smart toaster, right?

Many IoT devices are not equipped with proper network security. That is why you need to secure the network itself. Homeowners can protect their network in several ways. One way is to manage the guest network. The other is with install VPN which protects the entire network with a strong encryption protocol.