Seven Interior Design Tips To Liven Up Your New Apartment

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The interior design concept for your apartment will help you change the way you live. Plus, you can turn your apartment into a beautiful place to rent when you are out of town. There are seven design ideas listed below that will transform your apartment, help make space feel bigger, and give you a unique layout. Every design idea can be added to your apartment, or you can choose one or two tips that will make your apartment amazing.

Seven Interior Design Tips To Liven Up Your New Apartment

1. Partitioning with Furniture

When you move into an apartment, you cannot make drastic changes to the room. People or companies that own apartments will not allow you to add walls or knock down walls. Therefore, you need to try to partition the apartment with furniture. You can change pieces of furniture in certain ways to make a mini room in an apartment. For example, you can turn the sofa to the side to block the living room area. You can move the cafe table to your kitchen island to create a dining room. You can use a folding screen to separate your bed from the rest of the room, or you can put a screen in front of a door that has no door.

2. Hanging Storage

Hanging storage is the easiest way for you to save space in the apartment. You can hang pots and pans from the ceiling in the kitchen. You can use a coat hanger on the cabinet door, or you can hang a book storage box from the ceiling in your living room. You can even hang clothes along the wall near your bed.

3. Murphy's Bed

If you want to save a lot of extra space in the apartment, you can buy a Murphy bed. Murphy's bed pulls down from the wall when you go to sleep. You can lift the bed and move it back to the wall during the day. Murphy's bed is something like a big bookshelf. You can buy units that have shelves on both sides for storage, and you can even store items in the cabinet at the bottom of the unit.

4. Buy An Armoire

If you don't have a lot of closet space, you can invest in a closet. A cupboard is a large cupboard or cupboard that offers space for hanging clothes, drawers for smaller clothes, and shelves for shoes or bags. The wardrobe will give you all the closet space you need, and you can mount it on the wall just like you would install an entertainment center or a traditional wardrobe.

You don't need to buy the biggest cupboard you can find. sure that you have enough ceiling clearance for the closet, and remember that each closet has its own layout. You decide how much storage space you need when buying furniture for an apartment.

5. Tapestry

Adding carpet to your apartment will bring life to every room. Modern apartments tend to have tile, linoleum or hardwood floors. You don't want to walk on a cold floor every day when you wake up, and you don't want to slide on the floor if you wear socks. The carpet you buy can bring colors and patterns to the room that you can't put on the wall. You are not allowed to paint an apartment. This means you have to bring color to the room through carpets and rugs.

You can get a carpet located under the coffee table, carpet for the front door, and carpet that stretches in the kitchen. You might find a rug under the reading table and chair that you put near the window, and you can place the rug along the side of the bed. Each new carpet will have interesting colors that add to the character of the room, and you can buy different patterns that you think are interesting.

Don't limit yourself to Oriental rugs. You can buy carpets that are only one color, carpets with stripes, carpets with geometric patterns, and carpets with scenes and landscapes.

6. Curtains

Adding curtains to each room gives you more color and style. You might want to add some carpet to the apartment, but you don't have to cover every inch of the floor with carpet. You can buy curtains that will hang in every window. You can coordinate curtains with the colors you use in the room, and you can buy thick curtains that feel as if they are part of the apartment. Plus, you can buy thick curtains that help keep the sun out.

7. Recessed lighting

Your homeowner installs lights throughout the apartment, but you can change the equipment if you want to change the style of your apartment. Recessed lighting will offer soft light that makes it easier to read, and you can use frosted glass to make the apartment feel a little friendlier.

If your landlord installs a base lamp in the kitchen or living room, you can buy a special lamp that attaches to the cable on the ceiling. You can even buy colored lighting that will emit soft blue, green or purple light. You don't want to strain your eyes when sitting alone in the apartment, and you can bring lighting fixtures when moving.


The apartment you have moved must be decorated using all the tips above. You cannot make changes to the structure of the apartment, but you can work with the layout of the apartment. Use furniture to divide different rooms, use hanging storage, and use new lighting fixtures. Buy some rugs to put on your hardwood floor, and buy a nice curtain that you can hang in each window. You can carry many of these items with you when you move. Plus, these items turn your apartment into a palace that will impress all your guests.


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