Provencal Cuisine – Decorating tips and 10 Amazing Photos

Word Provencal refers to the region Provence in southern France. There, lavender fields, medieval villages, and rich gastronomy succeeded. Here (and many other regions of the world) these features have formed the basis of a striking decoration style: Provencal.

Provencal Decoration always a trend and sometimes surprising with new possibilities and influences from other styles. And if there is a place in the house that matches the Provencal decor, that place is the kitchen.

It is almost impossible to find anyone who resists the charm of a romantic, delicate and simple Provencal kitchen. And if you are part of this team that is in love with Provence, join us in this post. We have brought important tips for you to make your own Provencal kitchen, see:

What is Provencal Style

The Provencal style, as stated earlier, is a style that refers directly to Provence, southern France.

It was a local craftsman between the 16th and 17th centuries who built what we now know as a decoration style. With the intention of resembling nobles at that time, the farmers began to build furniture with the same characteristics as those found in the palace. However, the lack of res forces them to use inferior wood and, over time, fatally becomes obsolete.

Unbeknownst to them, this naturally worn wooden feature will be the basis of the Provencal decoration that we love so much.

Furniture Looking for Rural and Aged

In addition to the rustic look, Provencal furniture also usually has frames around doors and drawers. Another feature of this furniture is the handle. The most common are the ball-shaped ones, usually made of wood or porcelain, but you can still choose the handle or the shell.

To complete the Provencal kitchen look, bet on wooden or stone countertops such as granite or marble, preferably in light and soft colors.

Neutral and Soft colors

You may have noticed that bright, neutral and pastel colors are the most widely used in Provencal kitchen decor. White is the most prominent and is often the basis of the project. But the pastel colors of blue, yellow and pink do not come out of this style.

Those who prefer modern Provencal cuisine can choose shades of gray and even black, breaking the romance and delicacy of the Provencal style.

The color palette is very important to ensure the Provencal style. The various shades chosen will be used in every corner of the kitchen, from walls, ceilings, and floors, to cabinets and small decorative objects.