Preparing Your Home for the Future

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase: smart home? Do you think it's about a lot of useless things like controlling the color of lights from your cellphone and playing tricks on your family? I mean, everything has value but if that is your perception of a smart home, then you have gotten the wrong information. The smart home is actually about automating many daily tasks related to home maintenance but also about improving the quality of life and some pure gadgets made for fun and entertainment. But what is emphasized here is reducing the amount of overhead you have to worry about in terms of maintaining a home.
Of course, all the gadgets that you will use to turn your home into a smart home need electricity and you might wonder if it will dramatically impact your electricity bill. The answer is yes and you can easily calculate the amount of electricity that will be used by all devices throughout the month and if you take electricity rates in Alberta for example, you will know how much it will cost. But the impact that a well designed smart home will have on your electricity is that it will actually reduce it by optimizing the way certain equipment is used in your home.

Setting Your Home For the Future 5 Types of Smart Devices You Need

1. Smart Lighting

Let's be clear first. Smart lighting can improve the quality of life in your home and also reduce your electricity bills in small amounts. Such an arrangement will make it much easier to use only the light you need and no more. This will also give you the opportunity to adjust the ambient light to reflect your mood.

Setting Your Home For the Future 5 Types of Smart Devices You Need

2. Smart Hub

There are several types of smart hubs that you can use to plug in other devices. But they are more than just power for this device. They will give you the ability to control this device from the palm of your hand. You can easily turn everything off when leaving the house or turn it on before going home. Just imagine, you do not remember whether the iron turns off after you arrive at work. No problem, just turn off the hub of your smartphone.

Setting Your Home For the Future 5 Types of Smart Devices You Need

3. Smart security

When it comes to security, there are many choices but some that must be had are smart smoke detectors and smart sensors. What this device does is notify you as soon as they detect something so that even if you are out, you will immediately receive a text message and be able to act on it.

4. Smart key

One of the most overlooked smart systems is modern wifi and bluetooth keys that not only allow you to access your home door with your phone, but they also give you the ability to give temporary keys to others as easily as downloading the application on the phone and accepting invitations.

Setting Your Home For the Future 5 Types of Smart Devices You Need

5. Smart meters

Smart meters are a variety of useful devices that are connected to applications on your mobile that display everything you need to know about home. This can be configured to show you the amount of water, electricity, and gas used as well as other types of sensors or meters in your home.