Outdoor Design and Facilities to Consider When Moving to a Planned Community

Master-planned community (MPC) is a modern way of life. These communities are large and mostly independent, having all the facilities you can think of – shopping centers, schools, hotels, hospitals, and even recreational facilities. MPC consists of many environments created by various home makers with different home styles and price ranges. If you like real community settings with lots of facilities for interacting with others, then the planned community is for you. Thanks to various price ranges, you can also choose the place that best suits your budget.

Outdoor Design and Facilities to Consider When Moving to a Planned Master Community

When choosing the perfect place to settle, things outdoors and surrounding as much as the interior. Below are five outdoor designs and features that must be considered.

  1. Consistent theme

When all elements in a community have a consistent theme, it promotes a sense of cohesiveness. Information, signage, mailboxes, and street name themes must use the same language.

  1. Outstanding outdoor living space

There is value in having outdoor space which is an extension of your home. First, it makes your house look bigger. For example, eating out must be close to an indoor preparation area, such as a kitchen opening through the Nano wall to an open terrace.

Open space furniture is increasing in quality and variety, accommodating features such as extensive entertainment and summer kitchens.

The grill must be positioned so that the wind does not carry smoke on the deck and pond. There must also be several grills to accommodate various groups who also need to use equipment. Quality lighting for night use is also a vital feature.

Fireplaces that are piled high and act as visual anchors are preferred. They must be accessible from various sides to allow people to share space. Fireplaces need to have safety features such as automatic shutdown timers and glass bays for opening.

  1. Garage and storage

If possible, there must be direct access from the garage to the unit. The garage also needs to have extra storage space so you can store your things. For electric cars, you can check the charging station on site for residents. If you have a bicycle, make sure there are safe places and facilities for you to use and maintain your bicycle.

  1. An attractive and sustainable landscape

Integrating views into adjacent parks or other facilities creates real value. There should also be paths around parks, shopping areas, and transit areas. In addition, aesthetics are very important. Native plants are pleasing to the eye and also easier to treat using a little water. Planted trees create a permanent sense and reduce the heat effects associated with urban areas.

  1. Fewer pools and more decks

Swimming pool is a necessity for the upper class community. You, like most people, may often be swimming around and not swimming. Perfect pool space should be sufficient and comfortable for the community while leaving sufficient deck space with excellent sun coverage and sufficient deck space with intimate places for people to gather. Integrating water features adds a dramatic effect to the pond.

Other features such as seating in the pool and lighting above also help provide a unique meeting room, especially at night.

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