Newly Built Swedish Houses Decorated For Christmas

In this beautiful home in the Nordic countryside, the best old-fashioned charm and modern comfort are perfectly combined, something that is not easily achieved in a newly built home.

This is what we think is most special about this house. Initially there was a house and farm in that place, where the grandmother of the father of the family who lived now lived as a child.

Unfortunately, he was burned and abandoned altogether, but in 2012 he was offered to buy land and he thought it was something special, to build a house and live in the place where his ancestors grew up. With a beautiful story behind and who likes to maintain tradition in construction: carpentry doors and windows, mirrors, fireplaces, soft colors, wallpaper, etc. They have created a comfortable and warm home, where Christmas decorations add one more point. if it fits hot.

We can't decide whether we prefer exterior or interior, right? And Christmas decorations for these days, what do you think? Candy, pine centers, bouquets, origami stars … everything is very pretty and beautiful, right?