Light Up The Garden With Candles And Bouquets of 'Little Garland' In winter

In the Nordic countries where winter days are so short, artificial ambient light is important inside and outside the home.

Danes who are kings Hygge don't leave details without spending and the lights that welcome the house on winter nights don't forget them, just like other Nordics, this special house is in Sweden.

If we've talked about special nights like Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, they still go beyond and not only let the bouquets light up, but they welcome you with candles and lanterns, placed here and there, to create a friendly atmosphere with many Hygge outdoors in the garden or terrace. So, this kind of decoration isn't just a thing between holidays but lighting stays during the winter.

In this house you can see how they do it, think of good and stylish things, not Christmas lighting, in the plan, someone who is a very American fan with colored lights, numbers and other redundant, no, not composed, always white lights, never colored and set must be something intimate, fun, not turning to light bulbs, at night.

What do you think of the exterior lighting habits with garlands and ambient lights? This is good, isn't it?