Interior Design with Concrete

Interior and concrete designs are usually not closely related, concrete is more commonly used during the home construction process, not for interior decoration. You might be surprised to learn that concrete slowly joins with other classic decoration materials in the spotlight, and won't come out anytime soon.

Interior Design with Concrete

That begs the question, what makes concrete so special all of a sudden? Why should I care about using concrete for my interior design plan?

Concrete Does Not Need Maintenance

After it finishes install your concrete floor, walls, fireplaces, etc. then basically you have finished all the work. Your installation company should have properly stained, sealed and polished all the concrete in your home, which means that most of the maintenance that might be needed is complete!

You can rest in peace in the sleek new living room without having to worry about degradation!

Concrete Unique Aesthetic Value

One of the main reasons we see a revival in the use of concrete for interior design purposes is because concrete is outdated since the past, almost giving a kind of nostalgic feeling to see a room with concrete walls or floors, giving it an almost industrial-like aesthetic.

This is perhaps best exemplified by gorgeous polished concrete floors that have grown in popularity in recent years, this gives your floor a shiny, polished look that practically screams style & luxury! You can find some very beautiful examples of only the most luxurious living rooms built using concrete floors & walls Craftsman Floor Craftsman which, according to their recognition, "only use environmentally friendly, non-toxic products in commercial and residential concrete floor polishing applications".

Concrete Makes for the Perfect Centerpiece in Your Home

If you are truly experienced in interior design practice, then you might be familiar with the concept of every home that requires a "focal point" or center of attention. Basically, you want one area of ​​your house to stand out as a point of convergence, it has to be interesting, tempting, and perhaps most importantly – aesthetically pleasing.

The luster provided by a concrete floor can be ideal for this purpose, what better way to impress your guests than having a guest room that really shines brighter than others ?! Why not decorate your living room, work space, TV room, kitchen or living room with a luxurious polished concrete finish? This is perhaps the most effective way to create a room that screams luxury. Who knew it could be so simple ?!

Concrete Respiratory Life Polished Into Your Living Space

If you are looking for ways to add some character or texture to the overall vibration that your living space provides, concrete is an excellent (and affordable) way to achieve that!

Marble is a common material to give your home a texture & shine, but who would want to pay for marble ?! You can achieve the exact same atmosphere with concrete for a portion of the price, and, if you ask me, that's better!

Polished concrete has an almost transparent appearance, different from shades of marble which can melt like minerals, which in my opinion is too much.

You first hear it here, concrete is new marble!

Hopefully this post has opened your mind to the beautiful world of concrete design. I am only scratching the surface of what can be done to renovate your house with polished concrete, I encourage readers to continue learning about what concrete can do for your home!