Interior Design Recommendations Helpful For People Who Want To Aged In Place

Seventy-six percent of Americans aged 50 and above plan to spend their senior years at home. The same survey by AARP also found that 77 percent of senior respondents want to stay in their community now as long as possible, while others respond that they are willing to consider alternative housing such as sharing a house or building secondary housing in their current environment. belongs to. To realize these desires, children of some seniors who want to keep their parents with mobility problems comfortable and can get older at home can make certain interior improvements that will allow elderly parents to continue to develop on their own. Fortunately, most modern improvements don't make senior homes look too clinical or like normal hospital rooms. Here are some interior design inspiration to support aging on the spot without compromising home aesthetics.
Interior Design Recommendations Helpful For People Who Want To Aged In Place

Aging In Place Design Checklist

The National Association of Home Builders releases a home renovation checklist to be used as a guide for anyone who plans to age on the spot and make updates on their home so they can easily do it. Based on a checklist, the overall floor plan for a house must ensure that the main living areas are all on the same floor of a property. This means that all the main rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms with full bathtubs must be on the same level. Important updates to the bathroom, such as installing a walk in tub, are a must – especially if older people are at risk of falling. The tub must have a door that is easily opened which makes it easy to get into the tub by walking on it instead of climbing to the edge. Also, the entire house plan must be large enough to allow easy accessibility of the wheelchair.

The Right Floor Options

When designing properties for people who want to age in place, it is important to choose a smooth and soft surface such as rubber, cork, or linoleum for the floor. These ingredients are known to be more forgiving of one's joints. This can also reduce the risk of tripping, which is far more common on soft carpets. In addition, the floor must always be smooth and flat. If using printed linoleum, it does not have to have a strong pattern to prevent disturbing the depth perception of the old man.

Senior Friendly Kitchen Design

Because standing hours can be challenging for the elderly, adding areas where they can sit properly while preparing food must be considered. Home builders can install kitchen islands that can be adjusted on wheels that can be changed according to the needs of parents. It is also recommended to lower the height of the sink or make it shallow so that those in wheelchairs can access it. In addition, placing lighting under a larger kitchen cabinet and drawer can help elderly people move around in the kitchen easily.

The interior design of a house where seniors plan to age in a place does not need to look boring or radiate the aesthetics of the hospital room. Instead, there are ideas that can be combined that will still make the property feel comfortable, which will make the elderly feel comfortable. In addition, this increase will allow seniors to have easy access to all rooms and furniture in their homes so they can move without difficulty.