How to Turn a Small Closet into a Magical Place from Narnia

How to Turn a Small Wardrobe into a Magic Place from Narnia

Many people don't have the luxury of a large closet to store all their elegant and everyday work clothes. Those who live in big cities often pay more for an apartment the size of a shoebox. In fact, the dressing table is very small, you might need this article to find an endoscope to see what is inside your small storage space.

And, even though you don't have the possibility to make your dressing room bigger without having to get the rest of the apartment on your floor, there are plenty of design tips that will make what you have look bigger. Here's how to turn a dull room into a magical space.

How to Turn a Small Wardrobe into a Magic Place from Narnia

Play with height

Assuming you live in a place with high ceilings, you can use the extra space as you wish to create more storage space. If possible, try lofting your bed and make an additional closet underneath. Architectural tricks that are easy to use throughout Europe in historic buildings with high ceilings but small spaces.

The design opportunities are endless if you want to climb a small ladder every night to reach your bed. You can even change the extra space made into a workplace with a desk or recreational corner.

Use a rack

If you don't have the chance to redesign your room and make an additional cupboard where your clothes will really fit, it's time to consider Package B.

One easy way to make an organized cabinet when you have limited space is to add floor-to-ceiling shelves. In this way, you can place clothes and shoes out of season on superior shelves, leaving the lower to your daily clothes for easy access.

Don't forget to also add baskets and boxes to your shelf to store various clothing accessories such as belts, scarves, pins and more. Vertical storage is the easiest way to maximize available space and create additional storage opportunities.

Make storage on the inside of your cabinet door

When dealing with limited space, every inch can be maximized, including the interior of your door.

Put a small hanger on it and use it to store scarves, gloves, hats, umbrellas, bags, belts, and so on. You can use a shower curtain ring to arrange a scarf on a single hanger, which will create additional storage space for other accessories.

Use the spotlight

To create the illusion of a brighter and bigger room, replace the ordinary light bulb on the ceiling with various built-in spotlights on each shelf. This simple trick will also increase your chances of finding the item you want faster, based on the shelf where you store it.

Clean the paintings and mirrors

Another simple trick to make your dressing room look bigger and brighter is to paint everything white, including shelves. Add mirrors of various dimensions to capture and distribute more light. Mirrors will also help you see yourself from different angles and choose your clothes and accessories faster, based on how you look from the front, side and back.

Use luggage to store clothes out of season

No matter how many design and access tricks you use, there is only a lot of space to use in your closet. Therefore, we recommend storing clothes outside your season elsewhere.

One cool option is to buy a large wooden or leather suitcase, big enough to load some of your shoes, pants and sweaters whenever you don't wear them. You can place it in the bedroom, living room or hallway and duplicate it as a bench or coffee table. No one will know what's in it while you will live under the impression that you really managed to put all your clothes in the small closet.

Do not store anything on the floor

The easiest way to create the illusion of a walk-in closet is never to store anything on the floor. Add shelves starting from 2-3 inches above the floor to have more room to reach every corner of the room. By cleaning floor space, your closet will automatically look bigger and more organized.

If all else fails, give all your clothes to charity and be part of the life-saving movement.