How to Customize the Look of Your Home with a Garden

Having a beautiful house with a beautiful garden in front of it is everyone's dream. People who want to have the perfect living room always try to combine the best way to achieve harmony between home and garden.

But this is harder than you think.

Filling up the entire house is much harder and more expensive, so you may need to have more with your garden. A gardening companies will provide assistance, but always you mix and match your own ideas to create the perfect balance.

However, there are ideas that come up where you don't really have to use the same style elements to make your home. Let's analyze a number of ways in which you can use different styles for your home and garden.

How to Customize the Look of Your Home with a Garden

Graphic Mix

Perhaps the most challenging situation is peeling a traditional house with a contemporary garden. People will say that it is almost impossible to pair the two. However, these two very different styles can be adjusted so that a perfect balance is reached. The secret is то improving the graphic quality of each element. Because everything is peeled, the viewer will be able to choose all the graphic qualities from various elements.


Two different styles of a house and a garden can be matched with color. The idea is to use monochromatic plants, such as kangaroo claws for example. But make sure that the plants you place in your front yard are simple yet bold. This type of coloring will keep the outside space together and will also be resistant to electrical architecture.


People don't really realize that texture can be a very valuable element when trying to unify a design. So, if you want to combine, for example, earthy Mediterranean elements and a rather modern style, you need to consider the texture very. Sometimes it can be used to combine things that cannot be combined. So if you have a stone façade you might think of pairing it with gravel because they will relate to each other while providing a broader landscape.

Bulk Planting

If your house and garden have completely different architectural styles, there is a solution to bring the two together. It has to do with plants. You will most likely have lots of plants and green surfaces in front of the yard, but you should consider a good way to manage them all. By adding simple plant fields or masses, you can bring balance and unity to your home and garden like you've never seen before.

How to Customize the Look of Your Home with a Garden


Whatever your home and garden style, it's important to take into account the proportions. The proportion of your home and by adjusting it to your landscape can create a harmonious effect. This is a very subtle way to tie the two together. So, if you match the proportion of the window with the road or plant a bed in front, you will get an amazing effect.

Historically Related

A similar historical style that is related together can be a good mix for the integration of parks and homes. So if you use the Roman, French, Greek or other modern styles, you will get very good results. The same is true for Spain, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. On the other hand, Asian-style gardens will fit far better with contemporary architecture. So if you recognize the style and bring together similar elements you will end up with a very good mixture.