How to Build a Timber Frame Conservatory

How to Build Conservation of Wooden Frames

Wouldn't it be nice to go home with a pleasant conservatory? Extra space that you can use as a sun room, a place to relax for dinner, or just a shared room where you and your family can be one with nature? The good news is, lately, having a conservatory is easier than before.

How to Build Conservation of Wooden Frames

The First Question When Building a Conservatory

The first thing you need to consider when building a conservatory is how you will design it. You can try making it yourself, ask someone to make it professionally for you, or buy a finished version that only needs to be assembled at home, either by you or someone who knows how, said a contractor. Don't worry, there are no right or wrong answers here: if you don't work on deadlines and want a very tailored conservatory, then you might want to make it from the start. However, if you don't have the time to measure, cut, drill or nail, you might want to buy a model that is ready to assemble – a good choice will actually give you a beautiful and durable conservatory for your home.

Why go for a conservatory with a wooden frame

In general, you want a brick or conservatory with a wooden frame. Each has its own advantages, but most people who want a conservatory choose to have it with a wooden frame. Not only because it's easier to manipulate it, especially in small spaces, but also because of its durability and flexibility in design and color. DIY enthusiasts also do better with wood frame conservatories because of the "trial and error" advantage where it's easier to correct mistakes with wood than bricks.

Wood advice

Although more expensive than pine or pine, homeowners enjoy the robustness of the cedar for the frame. And although some people still choose slate and clay roof tiles, more and more people also rely on cedar. As for the floor, a good suggestion is good old solid wood.

The next step

After determining the required details above, the next step is to have a design for the conservatory. Here, you have to consider how much natural light must enter, the color scheme, how wide it is, and how the interior and exterior should be made. Local units in your area may also ask you to get some permits, so it is best to check before construction begins. Based on the design you have, you need to measure, cut and install wood panels using various methods. Deadlines are yours if you do it yourself, but if you have a contractor, it is highly recommended to see progress and quality regularly. If possible, every day.

Other Options, More Comfortable

As mentioned earlier, you can also buy a ready-made wooden frame conservatory, and have it assembled in your home. This is more convenient, with you being able to do more when the conservatory is gathering. Costs range from £ 3,000 to £ 12,000, depending on the material, size and design. So, you can browse online to see if something is right for your home.

It might take a lot of effort before your wood frame conservatory is complete, but it will be in vain!