Environmentally Friendly Christmas Decorations for Use This Year

This is the most beautiful time of the year – and also the most extravagant. When it comes to Christmas, we tend to overdo it with food, drinks, decorations, and gifts – but at what cost?

Estimated that Britain creates 30% more waste than usual during the celebration period, which massively increases our combined carbon footprint. Fortunately, after years of campaigning and climate talks, people have begun to pay attention to its effects.

So, if you are a part of 70% of Brits turn green This Christmas, read on to learn how your Christmas decorations are more welcoming to the climate.

1. Turn on your Christmas

Over time, it becomes a Christmas tradition for us to hang our homes on fancy fairy lights. Even though this looks amazing, it won't do anything to your carbon footprint. But there are a number of ways you can continue to light up your home with festive fanfare without harming the environment:

  • Solar-powered Christmas lights Apart from the myth about solar panels that need sunlight to function, solar panels actually utilize power throughout the year, even in winter. Using these lights to give your home a sparkle of excitement can be done a miracle for your carbon footprint, and save your money above your bill above that. The fact solar power can reduce your monthly energy bill by almost 50%. Everyone wins.
  • Fairy LED lights – Solar powered lights won't work indoors either, because your window will act as a reflective barrier. So for indoors, why not try LED lights instead of normal lights? By making this simple exchange, you will use it 90% less energy in your fairy lights.
  • Fill your house with tea lights in a jar – Not only will it create the comfortable atmosphere you are looking for, but using candles instead of electricity will reduce your home's energy consumption.Environmentally Friendly Christmas Decorations for Use This Year

2. Redesign your wrapping

Watching faces glow at first glance presents under the tree are very valuable, right? Well, apart from this healthy picture, most wrapping paper cannot be recycled and can be dangerous for our environment. In fact, massive 277,000 miles of gift paper go to waste during the holidays.

But there are several ways to deal with it – it's time to redesign the way we wrap. See some of us alternative wrapping ideas:

  • Recycled paper – Many retailers have recognized the need for sustainable options and have released the wrapping paper both can be decorative and can be recycled. If you like the traditional look, choose plain brown paper and make the following things.
  • Organic rope or ribbon – Add more festive shades by tying your gift together with red, gold or green ribbons.
  • Add some pine or holly sticks – Want to add a touch of tradition to your gift? Try adding a sprig of holly or pine to give an extra Christmassy touch.Environmentally Friendly Christmas Decorations for Use This Year

3. Real tree or fake tree?

The Christmas tree is a symbol of a lively household. Many people find themselves torn between getting a fake tree for the long term, or a real tree to save plastic. If they are handled the right way, both of these options have almost no impact on climate.

Original tree

If you want your original tree to have no impact on the environment, note the following rules:

  • Your tree must be local d – Limited travel means limited CO2.
  • Recycle your tree after Christmas – There is scheme You can apply it to where your tree will be taken after you have finished using it. You can also use it as a piece to help your garden develop in the spring.
  • Rent your tree – Find your local supplier, bring your tree home, and enjoy it during the celebration period. After you return your tree, it can continue to grow, ready to be used again for next year's celebration.
  • Plant your tree afterwards – Put your tree in your backyard and help local birds and bees.

Fake tree

Don't fake it unless you make it last at least 10 years. An artificial tree as high as two meters double carbon footprint from a real tree which ended up in a landfill. So, taking care of your tree for less than 10 years will have a negative impact on the environment.

What makes an artificial tree so bad? Yeah, manufacture Plastic trees create about two-thirds of their carbon footprint. A quarter of the tracks were made by industrial emissions produced when the tree was made.

In our opinion, there is a clear winner here. If handled properly, a real Christmas tree can have zero impact on the environment, and can even be beneficial if you plant it in your garden!

Environmentally Friendly Christmas Decorations for Use This Year

4. Baubles

Now we have sorted the Christmas tree – into decoration! Tree decorations are part of the magic of Christmas, right? This year, why not choose more Guilt-free decoration?

There are several ways to decorate a tree without piling up in plastic:

  • Wood or paper – Instead of plastic trinkets, try looking into some of the more traditional wooden decorations. Many people also experiment with 3D paper trinkets, which can have the same colorful effect as the plastic ones.
  • Glass – Glass trinkets add a touch that is smoother, simpler, and far more environmentally friendly than plastic. Maybe not put it in a dangerous branch.
  • Recycled or used – Doesn't it feel like Christmas without your plastic trinkets? You can always see getting used trinkets, or trinkets made from recycled materials to save on waste.
  • The beauty of dried fruit – It might sound a bit strange, but believe us. This appearance not only adds a sense of tradition to your tree, but also makes your home smell more Christmassy.Environmentally Friendly Christmas Decorations for Use This Year

5. Tinsel

Back in the 17th century, tinsel (originally made of silver) adorned the trees in the richest houses in England. Now, Tinsel is another plastic pollutant that most households have been thrown away for Christmas. The tinsel's popularity has dropped, but if you get the Christmas spirit from this sparkling color, what environmentally friendly alternative do you have?

For a more modern and simplistic look, choose ribbon over tinsel. Organic ribbon wrap can make your tree look less than 70s more contemporary, with a little sophistication. Not to mention you will have one fewer plastic pollutant in your home!

Environmentally Friendly Christmas Decorations for Use This Year

6. Environment-friendly crackers

Christmas won't be right without a cracker, right? Yes, it is thought that our strange traditions lead to rough things 154,000,000 pieces plastic is thrown away every year. Apart from that, many of these plastic toys shipped from China, add thousands of miles of fuel to their carbon footprint. So how can we do our part to prevent this (without having to throw away our traditions)?

Well, some shops sell environmentally friendly crackers, made from recycled materials, without visible plastic toys! Check out our three unique eco-friendly crackers below:

Save this Cracker – You can fill these crackers with whatever gifts you like, and you can reused every year. When you pull the biscuit, instead of tearing it, just pull it apart. All you need to do is add a new gift and replace the snap element in it and you are ready to do it.

Meri Meri – This brand provides colorful and creative crackers it will brighten your dining table. They are made of recycled paper, and inside you will find hats, jokes and wooden animal keychains!

Nancy and Betty – This charming handmade cracker proves that being environmentally friendly does not need to be boring. The pattern on the crackers adds a playful touch, and the prizes inside are made on an ongoing basis. That prizes in the range depend on the price Crackers – our favorites include egg cups, mini pencils, mini strawberry jam, fancy tea, and wild flower seeds.

You don't need to feel guilty about pulling crackers this year.

Environmentally Friendly Christmas Decorations for Use This Year

7. Make your own floral arrangement

Christmas is about entertainment, and making bouquets is one of the most beautiful seasons. The wreath has so much history and meaning behind it: they said symbolizes victory, eternal life, circle of life and growth.

Over time, most countries have adopted artificial bouquets to hang on their doors, made of plastic. If you want to have bouquets that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable, why not take the afternoon to go looking for food and make your own family bouquets? After you get everything you need, make it a therapeutic vacation from all the Christmas madness. We recommend adding dried oranges, holly, and cinnamon sticks there, to give the party a little touch.

Environmentally Friendly Christmas Decorations for Use This Year

8. Continuous stockings

Being sustainable isn't just about cutting plastic – it's about active use sustainable ingredients If possible.

Do you welcome young children to your family this Christmas? If so, make sure to get it stockings made from organic cotton. This option is far more sustainable than alternative options velvet, which are made of polyester, and cannot biodegrade.

If you go to a local independent store, who knows, you might even be able to add a personal touch to it!

Environmentally Friendly Christmas Decorations for Use This Year

9. Biodegradable glitter

Making your own decorations and cards is a way to celebrate this Christmas. Very fun, environmentally friendly, and a great way to add a personal touch. But if you make your own decorations this year, remember the wild life of the ocean and stay away from glitter. Glitter is made from plastic and can endanger marine life if consumed, so it is best to be clear.

Luckily for you, some businesses recognize our festive need to be sparkling. There are many kinds biodegradable glitter available on the market today that will not harm animals. Be sure to check the label.

So there you have it: nine ways to make your Christmas less dangerous to the planet and more environmentally friendly for your home. Christmas doesn't have to be wasteful as we make it, so let's fight the plastic trend and start making a difference.

Environmentally Friendly Christmas Decorations for Use This Year