Ecological Fireplace – Tips + Inspiration

What is an ecological fireplace and how does it work?

Before you even ask, we go forward, ecological fireplace have real fire, yes. That is not holographic. Ecological hearth appears in Finland and slowly conquered its space in Brazil. It works by burning 92º ethyl alcohol, which is easily found in markets and pharmacies.

What guarantees the function and safety of an ecological fireplace is the accompanying stainless steel box, also called a burner. That’s where combustion and fuel combustion occur. The ecological fireplace also has a system that controls the height of the fire and the intensity of the fire, adjusting it according to your needs.

Ecological fireplace can keep burning up to 20 hours continuously, always maintaining a beautiful and uniform fire, precisely because of the alcohol used for its operations.

But why are ecological fireplaces ecological?

Precisely because of the use of alcohol as fuel. This product is released using firewood and other products derived from petroleum to produce fire and, consequently, does not emit smoke, residue, and odors in the environment, making it also one of the safest choices for the domestic environment.

Ecological fireplaces also exclude the need for drains, chimneys, and hoods.

Advantages of ecological fireplaces

Check now a summary with the main advantages of an ecological fireplace:

  • Versatility: the ecological fireplace matches any decorating proposal;
  • Ease of installation: portable ecological fireplace does not require comment in this regard, but even if you choose the built-in version, it is much easier to put into the environment than conventional models, especially since it does not require channels and chimneys. ;
  • Non-pollution: alcohol used in ecological fireplaces does not pollute the air with smoke and toxic gases, other than producing no odor;
  • Sustainability: ecological fireplace, as the name suggests, is a good friend for the environment, because it does not need fuel derived from oil, or firewood;
  • Simple lighting: You can turn on and turn off ecological fireplaces more easily than traditional fireplaces;
  • Safety: an ecological fireplace is safe and does not pose a risk of fire, if used properly, or burns when handled;
  • Comfort and warmth: Ecological fireplaces play a role in bringing comfort and warmth to the environment. And, believe me, they really heat up. A small fireplace can keep a room of about ten square meters warm. When buying your goods, remember to choose a model that is proportional to the environment in which the product is placed, so that it is not too hot or too hot;
  • Design and style: the ecological fireplace has a modern design and enhances the environment at home;
  • As much as you want: an ecological fireplace can be placed indoors or outdoors – or both, nothing prevents you from having more than one ecological fireplace;

Are you sure about all the benefits of an ecological fireplace? So, you only need to decide which one to buy and how to put it in your decor. Also, check whether Bio-ethanol fireplace safe and how to choose the perfect fireplace for your house.

For this, we carry a selection of ecological fireplace photos that will help you in this process, see:


Ecological Fireplace Tips + Inspiration


Ecological Fireplace Tips + Inspiration


Ecological Fireplace Tips + Inspiration


Ecological Fireplace Tips + Inspiration


Ecological Fireplace Tips + Inspiration


Ecological Fireplace Tips + Inspiration


Ecological Fireplace Tips + Inspiration


Ecological Fireplace Tips + Inspiration


Ecological Fireplace Tips + Inspiration