Decoration industry – 10 Photos and Inspirational Ideas

That industrial style has been widely used in a residential area. Originally it dates back to the '70s where the old warehouse became the residence of the city – we called it to the attic. Nowadays, even in an apartment or house it is possible to adopt this type of decoration in several rooms.

It is important that essence is present in space. Therefore, try to keep the window wide with a clearly visible frame, brick walls, metal stairs, use of fire concrete and cement, clear structures and several space divisions in the environment.

Two other styles that can match and match the industry are vintage and rural – but varies according to the personal taste of the occupants. The first can warm the room with colorful elements (pastel colors) along with natural wooden furniture. If you prefer the latter, look for old and worn furniture and prefer a metallic tone that further enhances style.

It is not unusual at this time to see the rural industrial style in a masculine environment. So the abuse of doors and windows is ready! The middle part, for example, might be a palletcastors, nightstands with crates, unique and antique pieces to complete the space.

Another important point to enchant the environment is mixing it with artwork. Usually, larger items to refer to high ceilings that need to be assessed. If you want a little more courage, choose graffiti: urban art that can be made directly on your wall or in the form of a painting.

Get inspired by our tips for creating an environment that suits your style, outstanding industrial design and direct: