Decorate the Bedroom in a Comfortable Way with Textiles

Nothing is more fun in this vacation and family than spinning in bed between soft and warm textiles.

We suggest one with today's post, ‘make our bedroom more comfortable and comfortable with textiles‘. It doesn't cost as much as you imagine and instead, your rest will be more refreshing. Invest in fine cotton sheets or duvets. It's better to have only two good sets than five bad ones where the fabric makes pellets and scratches.

100% cotton, calico or satin, with a high amount of yarn is the best. Yes, it's also the most expensive, but there are many advantages in exchange for prices, they don't make fur, they are very resistant to washing, they have a long duration, color is more resistant and something is very important, their softness makes it perfect for sensitive skin or allergic.

At home we have calico sheets, which have been used for more than 10 years and every day they are softer, they don't seem to break soon, they are our favorite and are fresh in summer and soft and warm in winter.

You must complete the set with extra pillows, blankets at the foot of the bed, matching curtains and rugs or small pairs on each side. You can take a reference to this 43 m² bedroom apartment in Stockholm which is a good example of how to combine textiles, bright colors, plain, with some pads that are stamped but not overwhelmed.