Architecture and Interior Design: Comparing Two Career Paths

Is there a difference between architecture and interior design or do architects design interiors? This is a common question that they are considering for a career in the field of building and construction. The difference might be obvious to some people, but if you are not interested in building and construction, the role of an architect and an interior designer may conflict with you at some point.

There are several architects who specialize in architecture and several interior designers who choose the final result and decoration. There are also professionals who do both. The design process in both fields is the same, so that professionals can choose to do both. However, the set of skills needed to do both is different from the skills needed to do the other. Read on to find out more.

Architecture and Interior Design: Comparing Two Career Paths

Difference between Architect and Interior Designer

Their role

An architect designs the exterior and interior of a building. However, they are not only concerned with the shape of the space, but also other aspects of a building, including safety, engineering, materials, and building codes. After an architect does their job, a house will perform very well from an energy perspective, building permits will be approved, and the interior aspects of a building will be easy to arrange.

On the other hand, an interior designer handles the interior appearance of a building. One difference between architects and interior designers is that while an architect chooses where cabinets in the house will appear, interior designers choose interior coatings, soft furnishings and furnishings, and colors, among other aspects of beauty and functionality of other interior living spaces. Architectural and interior design professionals must work together to ensure smooth layout, and every aspect of the interior falls harmoniously into place.

The overlapping tasks and the symbiotic relationships of interior designers and architects contribute to the beauty and endurance of the final result. Many modern buildings are responsible for placing various countries on the world map of famous architecture. This article, for example, presenting 10 architectural companies that make Australian cities look like they are from the future.

The Gray Area

Although their roles are different, there are services that can be done by architects and interior designers. Both professionals can choose interior coatings (tile or wood), arrange height details, and plan interior spaces for furniture placement. The architect is involved with several aspects of the aesthetics of the building, and the interior designer plans several interior parts to be carried out by the architect. Although the salaries of architects and interior designers are different, they may find themselves doing some similar tasks.

Note that the work of an interior designer is not just to decorate – decoration is only part of the interior design which involves choosing soft furniture and window treatments. There are many decisions that need to be made in buildings from where windows and doors are placed, to the colors on the walls, and the position of the fans at home. This decision was made by architectural and interior design professionals.

Salary of Architects and Interior Designers

Who produces more between architects and interior designers? To become an architect, you will go through stricter licensing process. Once again, architects design the interior and exterior of buildings and pay attention to meeting safety rules and many building regulations.

The architect was there before construction began and there will still be near. Due to the rigorous licensing process, extensive experience is needed, architects can take on higher paid projects. An architect earns around $ 80,000 every year while an interior designer earns around $ 55,000 a year. However, one professional can take on more projects to increase their income.

Can you be an architect and interior designer?

Main the difference between architects and interior designers in their role. However, you might find a professional who performs an role as an interior designer and also an architect.

Interior architects are involved in designing the interior of buildings to be safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Interior architects, therefore, need to understand the strength and durability of materials, different room functionalities, how cabinets and other equipment relate to doors and windows in a room, and how to use light, color, patterns, and textures.

Interior architects are involved with drafting plans to improve space, given the taste of their clients. Interior works with clients, architects, and interior designers to create a multipurpose space. When creating spaces, designers need to consider interior construction, furniture, and lighting. These professionals need to understand federal, state and local regulations regarding buildings, so that their buildings comply with safety codes.

So, can you be an architect and interior designer? Yes, you can do both. However, it is easier for an architect to do interior design than it is for an interior designer to do the work of an architect. An interior designer who needs to be an architect might need to go back to school and learn more about building regulations and exterior factors that influence design. However, if you want to get the salary of architects and interior designers, go ahead and do it.

What is the Role of Clients in Architecture and Interior Design?

Although architects and interior designers can work independently, they must consider the client's tastes, preferences and preferences. Whether designing office space or residential homes, clients recommend the design they want, which in most cases is a picture of what the building will be like.

Again, the client's budget might limit the design that is in the mind of the designer or architect. Here, both interior designers, clients, and architects work together to make plans that fit the budget and meet client expectations.


A career in building and construction is not only fun, but will always give good results. In the future, a more skilled workforce is needed in the building and construction industry, and this will include architects and interior designers. The best career between the two must be what you feel comfortable with. As mentioned earlier, the design process is the same, and there is a gray area so you can be one or the other at a different time. If you want to explore this profession, why not learn both and experience the best of both worlds?