Aquarium Decorations That Are Both Fun For You And Useful For Your Fish

Aquarium Decorations Are Both Fun For You And Useful For Your Fish

Now you have a beautiful aquarium complete with a filtration system and everything, you might look at it and feel like it's a little empty. Your fish might pay attention too, because the role of aquarium accessories that you usually see in stores is multiplied.

If you are not yet interested in spending money on accessories and decorations like that, there are some ideas you can try, and they are all about things you might have, not doing anything. Also, you might not want your fish tank to look like a cookie cutter and boring, and that's understandable.

Before starting, make sure that whatever you want to place in your fish tank cannot have a negative impact on water quality or affect the welfare of your fish in any way.

Aquarium Decorations Are Both Fun For You And Useful For Your Fish

Terracotta pots broken

Older pots that you can't find anymore can make great decorations for your aquarium. Terracotta will most likely be water resistant, and it will not change the composition of water or pH in any way, because it becomes a solid choice.

Spread some of these pots at the bottom of the aquarium. Your fish will love to use it as a hiding place. However, a little advice has been sorted out. For example, you need to make sure that there are no sharp edges. Also, any holes that may be drilled through the bottom of the pot must be large enough to let the fish swim.

Old coffee cup

Many things that you might not be able to use to make excellent accessories for your fish tank. Take an old coffee cup, for example. They will make your aquarium look more attractive, and, as long as the cups are made of ceramic, they will not cause problems for the composition of the water in the fish tank.

Fish also like toys

There's nothing more fun than decorating your fish tank, and lots of ideas. Another thing you can try is to add some plastic toys to the aquarium. Of course, the same rules about avoiding sharp edges and areas where fish can get stuck apply, so make sure you don't endanger the health of your fish by putting in some dangerous accessories.

You can even involve your children – especially if the toy is theirs. For example, you can remake a small battlefield from Star Wars at the bottom of a fish tank. Your fish will love to navigate, and your kids will definitely prefer a fish tank.

Spread love and some LEGO toys

The marine decoration of your fish tank can significantly benefit from some additions that enhance its appearance. An angry LEGO figurine in the form of an angry Poseidon armed with a trident can be a good decoration to consider. So, when you are on your way to buy some finch food, don't forget to shop for some cute statues too.

Place some ceramic statues

Anything made of ceramic works for your fish tank, as you might have imagined now. So, if you have several ceramic sculptures, or you don't know what to look for around yard sales, this is an idea.

They will make your fish tank more attractive, and maybe even turn it into a conversation starter when having a party at your home.

Plastic plants make a perfect hiding place

Having real plants in your aquarium can be troublesome, although it's true that they contribute to improving water quality. Because maintaining a clean fish tank can be a more significant challenge with native plants in it, this is a hassle free advice.

Choose some plastic plants and add to your aquarium. Your fish will love it. They are the ideal hiding places where fish can play or pull when they feel more vulnerable. A comfortable aquarium will make your fish happy and will help them thrive.

What may not enter your aquarium?

Now that you have lots of ideas about how to decorate your fish tank, here are a few suggestions about what you shouldn't use. Anything with sharp angles, or painted with poisonous chemicals, is definitely a no-no. Copper is another entry in the list of prohibited things. Add concrete to this list too, because chemicals can leak into the water.