Ambient Lighting – Home Tour Through Day and Night

Lighting at night must go hand in hand by creating a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

Today we return to the theme ambient light, which gradually gets more followers. Replacing a strong overhead light in a room, with several smaller points of light, helps create a comfortable and warm situation.

Candles, lanterns, LED lights, table lamps, bouquets of lights and dimmers for our lamps, are resolutions that we must use to artificially illuminate our homes when the sun goes down.

Look carefully at the previous photo at night and the next day, very different, right? The environment changed completely, regardless of whether we had been decorated in white or gray, which might not be warm enough, at night the ambient lights completely changed the stage, that if, we emphasize, to achieve this effect there must be many soft points of light, no there is a giant lamp in the center of the ceiling of the room with all the intensity of the world.

In this room, we have up to nine points of light including candles, until the chandelier lights up, but with a little intensity.

For further inspiration, see other photos, you can also see lighting in the kitchen and bedroom. Do you have so many points of light at home? Do you like this type of lighting?