A Comfortable Coastal Christmas On Long Island, New York

If we combine it coastal style and Christmas decoration, the results could not be more comfortable from the villa that we showed today.

We are fans of the style of East Long Island, Hamptons and the entire east coast of the United States.

The house is open, white, bright, wooden, with extraordinary touches and details of the sea in decoration, swarming along the east coast of America that incorporates a very distinctive American style, which sometimes approaches the nautical Nordic on the other side of the Atlantic. If we like these houses in summer, with green gardens and the scent of the sea nearby, in winter with snow and in December with a touch of Christmas we fall in love. Look at the outside of the house, simple decoration, but so comfortable and elegant.

A Comfortable Coastal Christmas On Long Island, New York


If we go inside, the style becomes a little simpler which shows us the natural wood from the floor, ceiling beams, and recycled pine furniture. The house was built in 1850 and the owner wants to respect the style of the era in renovations.

As for the details of Christmas, in the United States, they are changing about Europe and don't say the Nordic countries, although in this house they are kept at bay, without excessive, still, the colors of Santa are the ones who send.

Of course, even if you change the Nordic Christmas decor a little, you like it because of its simplicity and naturalness.