7 Cheap Ways to Maintain Your Swimming Pool

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7 Cheap Ways to Maintain Your Swimming Pool

If you are lucky to have a swimming pool in your home, you will find some maintenance tips to keep your pool clean, friendly, refreshing and can be used every day. Many people want to get help from pool experts, but many people do it at home. There are some chemicals and cleaning equipment that you use to keep your pool clean also available every day as a general household item. Pool cleaners are a lot cheaper and are equally good at pool equipment stores. Using it will definitely help you to cut extra money from the costs of maintaining your pool if you have a very limited budget. Read on to learn how to keep sparkling clean water from your pool:

Understand the chemistry of your pool:

During summer and once or twice a week in winter, you can test your swimming pH once or twice a week. The pH must be maintained around 7.2 and 7.8, the less chlorine the pond needs, the lower the pH on this scale. Adjust the pH correctly and less chlorine will be needed and used.

Wash weekly from skimmer basket:

On the side of the pond, a skimmer is built, carrying small particles, including leaves and other items that might fall into the water. Your deck has a round access panel; open and spill the contents of the basket as needed. Cleaning your skimmer basket and filter pump once a week is also an easy practice that will support your swimming pool in the long run.


All household items used to clean swimming pools apply to traditional chlorine-based swimming pools.

Baking soda powder:

Baking soda is used to treat yellow and black algae that grows in your pool water, especially if you have a pool above the surface because it is smoother in the vinyl walls of your pool. Backing soda is made from sodium hydrogen carbonate, also known as sodium bicarbonate, which can be contained in many of the increase in alkalinity that you can also find at your local pool supply store. Special pool baking soda cannot be used in cooking and baking because it contains high levels of chlorine which is dangerous and indigestible.

Dishwashing Liquid Soap:

Housekeeping services will help you find holes and holes in the drainage system and filter your pool lids where contaminants and bacteria can reach and infect your pond water which is usually not polluted and cause serious damage to your pond's drainage system. You cannot use this to wash your pool.


You can certainly use a plastic broom to clean your pool. It cleans dust and dirt from your garage and home and can also be used to help clean and remove dirt in your bathroom. It makes vacuuming the sides and bottom of your pool simpler.

Coca Cola:

Coca-Cola is everyone's favorite drink, but what if it helps us clean our most favorite thing in our home, our swimming pool. You read that correctly! Coca-Cola will help you disinfect your swimming pool, especially your metal pool handles and equipment. Coca-cola contains phosphoric acid, which can actually help to remove rust and remove it. This can help keep metal fixtures light too. Just pour coke near your metal equipment in your pool water and you will clean it.

Again, use a very solid and reliable testing kit to test the composition of your pool water, and once again after entering one of these household cleaning products, especially those that can be used as a substitute for expensive pool chemicals. Therefore, you must ensure that your water quality is still at the right level to keep it clean and safe for swimming.

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