50 Shades of Brown

Chocolate in furniture, on the walls, on the ceiling, in various shades and surfaces, the decorations in this Swedish duplex do not leave indifferent.

This must be the first time we see a house where Brown has been used in this way, in the dark version, and on many surfaces. Interestingly, mostly used in kitchens, dining rooms and parts of corridors, the rest of the house follows the style of many Nordic homes today, many white and minimalist.

The photos speak for themselves and it's interesting that the use of color can be done in decoration, we can make luminosity, spaciousness, warmth, depth … almost, almost what we want, yes, we must study hard and know A lot of people know how to do it .

Notice how the ceiling, though also brown, is painted in a lighter color, to avoid an unattractive room. Natural wood flooring also counts, a brighter color than all we can say.

The truth is that we love the set, it has a certain melancholy air, which is interesting (maybe we won't choose it for our home, we are not from the dark side) but harmony, balance, and mastery to make this combination Brown does not have anyone and us recognize talent and creativity, valuable! What do you think, do you like it?