5 Things to Consider Before Reshaping the Bathroom

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Everyone of us wants their home to have a bathroom that is always clean and fresh and makes us feel comfortable at all times. We also want it to look beautiful while reflecting the overall style of our home. But the bathroom is not the type of room you can fix and improve without a solid plan. There are enough things to remember before continuing to remodel the bathroom. The first thing you want to do is make sure you really want to remodel your bathroom. This is a pretty challenging task so you really have to make sure. Careful planning and many ideas to choose from and the task of renovating your bathroom can be far more manageable.

Before starting bathroom remodeling, having certain goals of what you want to achieve is basic. The main priority of your design must be functionality and practicality, but the bathroom must also evoke a feeling of luxury and, most importantly, cleanliness. To help you approach your perfect bathroom, we will discuss 5 things you should consider before going through the bathroom renovation process.

5 Things to Consider Before Reshaping the Bathroom

1. It can be expensive

Bathroom renovations can cost far more than you think. The scope of the remodel and the results you want is what will affect the total cost of renovating your bathroom so setting a budget is an important step that must be taken before you continue. How much will you change? Can anything be reused? Are you aiming for a luxurious type of bathroom or something simpler but functional? Look at the price tags on sanitaryware and make some calculations and make sure your budget has something left because many things can be miscalculated.

5 Things to Consider Before Reshaping the Bathroom

2. Get a clear layout

Perhaps the best way to avoid overspending and never-ending changes to your bathroom is a well-thought-out floor plan. Think about where things will happen and you will know how much space you have left for all the little things you want to add, then you will know how many of them you don't need. This is also a good way to find out what to expect. If you can get a good plan before starting renovations, you will know most of the shortcomings before you spend money on it.

5 Things to Consider Before Reshaping the Bathroom

3. Lighting design

Lighting can make or break a room in your home, but when it comes to the bathroom, this is very important. A good lighting design can make your bathroom feel spacious and bright and clean. This can make smaller spaces look bigger or can make empty spaces look busy. But good lighting design means that you have to hire a professional electrician to make sure everything is as it should and we all know it is not easy to order an electrician in a short amount of time so make sure you plan it in advance.

5 Things to Consider Before Reshaping the Bathroom

4. Don't forget about storage

One of the most common mistakes in bathroom design is lack of storage. Usually, storage is a thought after it comes to bathroom design. Avoid unnecessary changes to your package by including storage from the start. This will give you the opportunity to use the default options on the wall or in other parts of your bathroom. You don't want to lower tiles after tilework is finished for storing small shampoo bottles, so plan ahead.

5 Things to Consider Before Reshaping the Bathroom

5. Pipe before anything else

Remember the layout we talked about? If you have defined it well, a plumber will be able to correctly identify the changes that need to be made to the existing pipework and produce an elegant solution for each change that is needed. It will be a big headache to think that you might have to give up on some part of the bathroom that you really want because there are no pipes leading to it and the tile is installed. Again, planning ahead is a way to combat this problem.

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