5 Contemporary Bedroom Design Ideas That Will Make You Go Wow

The definition of the word "contemporary" seems to have developed over the years, and it's no wonder why many people are confused about what it really means. Contemporary architecture usually involves the use of natural and sustainable construction materials to build structures that reflect individuality, usually with the principles of minimalism and symmetry.

Nowadays, contemporary styles are usually applied in home architecture. Basically, contemporary design is suitable for every corner of your home, especially the special room where you sleep and rest after a long day of work – the bedroom. Houses with a contemporary style tend to have maximized space so it's good for functionality and plenty of room for adjustments. What's more, the design and architecture are aesthetically pleasing while giving significance to the environment.

5 Contemporary Bedroom Design Ideas That Will Make You Go Wow

Here are five contemporary bedroom design ideas that will really make you wow:

Stimulating Modern Accents

You can only do so much about the appearance of your mattress, regardless of what it is the best mattress in a box You have been found online or retail stores, because mattresses are usually only the classic type, neat, simple. To offer additional protection and style, you can just cover it with blankets and sheets that are very little creative. But, because your bedroom is the most important piece of furniture in the room, you can actually add some interesting accents, like the following:

  • Pillow accented. Contrary to head pillows that make your head comfortable when sleeping, accented pillows add a touch of style to your bed because of their varied designs. Adopting a contemporary style, make sure to keep things minimal by limiting striking designs to just one pillow.
  • Interestingly designed blanket. An accessory blanket with a solid or patterned design is great for adding an extra layer of protection and, of course, style to your bed.

Spotlight piece

Some of the highlights are as follows:

  • Your favorite painting or artwork
  • Gifts from your loved ones
  • Your own collection
  • Family or pet photo
  • Images that showcase the best moments of your life

In general, there are no limits to what you can highlight as long as they are not too crowded in your room. You can choose to surround these pieces with lights, but remember to always keep things simple and elegant. Contemporary lighting styles usually use niches or track lighting, to ensure your lighting display is clean while still maximizing lighting coverage.

If you want to place a contemporary sculpture or other object, be sure to place it at eye level to avoid overwhelming your vision with the weight of these pieces, and you can do this by placing them on a pedestal or structural column.

Futuristic Space

Because minimalist design focuses on simplicity, futuristic design elements can be the perfect accent in your bedroom. Futuristic elements tend to bring joy and interest to people's eyes because they look new in their sense of sight. In addition, placing a futuristic design in your bedroom will help you produce energy and excitement when you wake up in the morning, as well as provide visual stimulation of tired eyes to your eyes when you rest well.

You can choose the industrial look in your room by attaching your mattress to a metal bed frame that is painted solid black. Futuristic headboards that extend just below the ceiling with curved edges can also be used. Another other industry that can make your space look techie is the LED track lighting on the painted wall. If you are robotics and self-confessed software, you can add a special robot near your bed or decorate a wall panel with holographic lamps.

5 Contemporary Bedroom Design Ideas That Will Make You Go Wow

Charcoal and Wood Panel

Strangely, charcoal and wood are two dark colors in the complementary color spectrum. The combination of these two colors can definitely make your room look contemporary, with a touch of strength. To liven up these colors, you can add some brass satin accents, such as a large clock above the head of your bed, on your lampshade, or on your ceiling.

Layered headboard panels with muted gray and white colors will really make the bed come out. Walls stained with knotted charcoal can be painted with white lines to symbolize the puzzle, with a floating bedside table without legs attached to a solid charcoal wall. Finally, you can carve a wooden bookshelf and highlight it with LED strips inside to give it a little light.

Because your bedroom has a modern wood accent, you can match it with several wooden furniture of the same color. Clean and white sheets and pillowcases with slightly gray and brown accents that are not too fussy will look good too.

Pop color!

Contemporary does not mean you are limited to muted and neutral colors. You can also play a little with interesting colors. However, you must be very careful when choosing colors and colors because it will make or break the overall appearance of your room.

You don't need to be afraid of experimenting with colors, like complementing yellow mustard with dark blue, beige, and black, and with a touch of green. If you are someone who likes yellow but are afraid of making your room look too bright, a combination of colors like that will suit you. Put them in your pillowcases and sturdy walls. Optionally, to add a touch of green to your yellow mustard-themed room, you can add natural elements such as adding some potted plants and succulents near a bright room.

Another way to add color to your room is to introduce colored LED lights. If you like to read at night, you can add a warm yellow light. If you have an entertainment venue in your room where you watch TV or play game consoles, you can choose neon signs and lights for a drowning playing experience.


The contemporary bedroom design is truly unlimited. Designing your bedroom in a contemporary style might be a little complicated, so you can hire your interior designer to help you handle this better. Design and visual principles are a great guide to follow when designing your bedroom. However, you should also highlight interests that are as important as your personal preferences and needs to ensure comfort and functionality are incorporated into contemporary style bedrooms.