16 DIY Creative Rack Ideas that Are Functionally Creative, You Don't Want to Miss

Have a lot of stuff but not enough shelves to use it? This is certainly one of the most common household problems, especially for those of you who live in smaller flats. But for some things, it doesn't have to be such a problem. You can solve many of these storage and display problems with some creative DIY shelf ideas that you can make quickly and easily. Of course, this is the preferred alternative to spending a wad of money on a less creative rack solution in the store.

Welcome to our collection of the latest DIY projects that we will show you 16 DIY Creative Shelving Ideas That Functionally You Don't Want to Miss. Look at this collection of wise ideas. You will see many amazing DIY shelf ideas that not only do their job of storing and displaying your items, but they also do it in style. If you like one of these ideas, just follow the simple instructions and you can make it yourself. Enjoy!

1. Modern Industrial Wooden Slice Shelves

2. Leather Straps Easy Hanging Rack

3. DIY Beehive Shelves

4. DIY Birch Rack

5. DIY Hanging Rack

6. Display Rack Mounted to the Wall

7. DIY Wood Shelf Shelves

8. DIY Floating Window Shelf

9. DIY Door Corner Shelves

10. DIY Frame Shelf

11. Cute Wooden Shelf

12. Floating Corner Shelves

13. Chunky Wood Bathroom Shelves

14. Skateboard Shelves – DIY Shelves

15. Wooden Pallet Bookshelves

16. DIY Leather Belt Rack