15 Weird DIY Snow Globes To Make This Season

Welcome back! I hope you have lots of fun for Christmas and good times with your family. Now, don't forget that winter isn't just Christmas and realize that winter has just begun and will be here with us for the next two months. So, that means we need to work on our winter decorations and slowly start removing Christmas decorations and replace them with winter-inspired winter decorations. One of the most interesting winter decorations you can have is snowballs, but not just any snowballs, DIY snowballs with your own story.

Take a look at the new collection of DIY projects where we will show you 15 Weird DIY Snow Globes To Make This Season. Before you give up because you think snowballs are a very strange thing and not the easiest to make, take a look at the ideas we have put together in this list. You will change your mind and you will definitely mark some of these ideas as ideas that you have to make. Luckily for you, they all come together with detailed step-by-step instructions. Enjoy!

1. Sparkling Needle from the Snow World

2. Snow Globe Family Portrait

3. DIY Snow Globe Recycling

4. DIY Fishbowl Snow Globe

5. DIY Anthropologie Mason Jar Snow Globes

6. Snow Scene Illuminated in Jar

7. DIY Snowball

8. DIY Snowball Jars

9. Former Cloche Turn Glass Vintage Snowball

10. DIY Wine Glass Snow Glasses

11. Snowflake Plastic Cups

12. Glam Christmas Snow Globe

13. DIY Waterless Deer Snow Globes

14. DIY Snow Gift Card Globes

15. DIY Mini Cooper Car Dinky Christmas Tree Snow World