15 Extraordinary Crafts From Time Wrapping Paper

Well, the holidays are over now and I'm sure you have to wrap lots of gifts in colorful wrapping paper. But as usual, you have bought more gift paper than you need so what do you do with it? Did you just throw it away? That will be a waste, especially after checking out this amazing craft that you can make using the same wrapping paper that remains unused after Christmas.

In this new collection of DIY ideas we will show you 15 Awesome Crafts From Time Wrapping Paper. Explore these cool DIY projects and you will find some decorations or gifts that you can easily make using gift paper that you cannot use. Of course, you won't experience difficulties because we make sure to include detailed step-by-step instructions for each project. Enjoy!

1. Patchwork Origami Paper gift box

2. Mini Tree Wrapping Paper

3. Easy DIY Wrapped Ball Ornaments

4. Wrapping Paper Pads

5. Wrapping Paper Festive Tray Liners

6. Packing Material

7. Wrapping Paper Basket

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9. Stylish Drawer Liner

10. Bookshelf Liner

11. Paper Gift Bag

12. Cellphone Paper

13. Light Scrap Paper

14. Origami Card Holder

15. Snowflake Wrapping Paper