15 DIY Dollar Epic Shop Decoration Ideas You Need After Holiday Expenditures

So now that the holidays are over, you might see a gap in your home decor and also your wallet. Yes, holidays can be very expensive but that doesn't have to stop you from keeping your home fresh with decorations. Of course, if you have excess money on Christmas gifts, you don't have to waste a lot of money on new home decorations so what we recommend is that you take a walk to your local Dollar Shop and pick up some items that will be useful.

Look at the ideas that we have conveyed through this new collection of DIY projects 15 DIY Dollar Epic Shop Decoration Ideas that You Need After Spending a Vacation. There are some amazing Dollar Store crafts that you will definitely love so explore them carefully and make a list of the things you need from your Dollar Store chain. After that, just follow the simple instructions, step by step and you are happy to do it. Enjoy!


2. DIY Magnetic Organizer from Dollar Store Cake Sheet

3. DIY Topiary Tree from Dollar Store Supplies

4. DIY Polka Dot Mirror

5. Painted Terracotta Pot DIY

6. Counter Charging Station for Phone & Tablet Top Tablet from Photo Frame

7. Create an Easy Sequins Monogram Letter


9. Washi Tape Tulip Vase

10. Simple DIY Glitter Votives

11. Enamel Painted Vases

12. Kate Spade Pearl Place Rose Bowl Dollar Tree

13. DIY Burlap Monogram

14. Vintage Wall Art Dollar Store

15. DIY Industrial Wire Baskets