15 Amazing DIY Photo Album Ideas For Those Who Are Locked On Holidays

Now that we're done with the holidays, you might have hundreds of photos stored on your smartphone and a good way for them to be on their way to your Instagram story. But there is nothing really like the original photo. Digital photos don't make the feeling true, I mean you can't touch it or hang it, all you can do is swipe it on your screen. However, you can choose some of your favorite vacation photos and print them and then you can choose to display them with a picture frame and save the rest in a beautiful DIY photo album that you can show everyone.

In this new collection of DIY projects we will show you 15 Amazing DIY Photo Album Ideas For Those Who Are Locked On Holidays. These ideas are intended to help you organize but also display your Christmas photos in a fashionable way. Of course, we make sure to look for ideas that can be easily created so that all projects in this compilation come along with detailed step-by-step instructions. Enjoy!

1. DIY Instagram Photo Box

2. DIY Flip Photos Album

3. Accordion Photo Box

4. Homemade Photo Album

5. DIY Photo Album Pull

6. DIY Photo Book Album

7. Tiny Travel Album In A Box

8. Upcycle Old Books Become Neat Photo Albums

9. Elf's DIY Photo Album on the Shelf

10. DIY Camera Film Photo Album

11. DIY Magnetic Albums

12. DIY Brag Book

13. Adorable DIY Photo Album

14. Family Photo Board Book

15. A DIY Photo Album from a Recycled Cereal Box