15 Adorable DIY Christmas Characters You Must Make

Arriving just in time for Christmas is another compilation of DIY ideas inspired by the most beautiful time of the year. This time, we will look at some handicrafts that will give your home a little magic of Christmas lighting. Yes, we will talk about DIY Christmas figures and the appearance of candles. Having a few of these around your home will give you party decorations a very gentle touch from the magic of the holiday.

Take a look at this new DIY project collection where we will show you 15 Adorable DIY Christmas Characters You Must Make. We have included from known crafting and DIY blogs and they have some similarities. They are very easy to make but they also look amazingly awesome. So if you think you have a few hours of free time to spend on this, look at the projects and you will also find them step by step. Enjoy!

1. Prominent DIY Christmas Glowing Stars

2. Music Lamp Sheet

3. DIY Frosted Glass Figures

4. DIY Peppermint Mason Jar Candles

5. Jar of Christmas Township Candles

6. DIY Christmas Candles


8. Advent Candles

9. DIY Christmas Luminaries – Mason Snowy Jars

10. The candlelight centerpiece for Christmas

11. Luminary Mason Jar Snowman Thread

12. Snowman Luminaries

13. 3D Paper Lanterns

14. Epsom Salt figures

15. Silhouette Figure DIY Christmas Village